Defence in pre-trial proceedings

Why is help of an experienced lawyer at the stage of pre-trial proceedings necessary?

A person who has become a suspect has no opportunity to assess the circumstances objectively. This rule applies always, irrespective of whether the crime was committed or not. It is possible that the person was acting incorrectly from the position of the law, and broke the law, however, such action does not constitute a punishable criminal offense.

The prosecution will present claims and suspicions that a crime was committed. The task of the counsel is to ensure observance of the rights of the suspect from initiation of the criminal case and from the start of conduct of procedural actions.

Some of the questions that the defence must agree on with the client at the stage of pre-trial proceedings:

Should the client make statements before the trial, or is it better to refuse to make statements?

What evidence must be gathered?

What must be done in order to avoid arrest?

What defence tactics will suit the given case best?