About us

Law services in Tallinn and Narva. Criminal and civil cases.
Grandman is a dynamically developing law office with considerable potential and high standards of service quality.

The main directions of legal services

Criminal procedure

A correctly chosen strategy in the settlement of disputes is the key to success. It is, therefore, important to carry out the requisite assessment of all the risks involved in a forthcoming process. In the event of a dispute, the client raises a number of questions that the law office must address.

Defence in court

The classic issues of family law to be considered include matters relating to the division of spouses’ joint property, recovery of alimony, the determination of parental access to children. We render legal services in all matters of family law.

Administrative law

In all probability, every business operator will, sooner or later, come into contact with state agencies. Thus the operator enters into a public (administrative) relationship, and issues of this nature will be treated in a different way than those in a private relationship.


For us, it is important to know the individual characteristics of each client, paying attention to the details of business. This allows us to give the client crucial and timely advice.

The lawyer Ilya Zuev represented my interests during the criminal proceeding as an injured party. I managed to receive the full compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

Upon the recommendations of other court prisoners I addressed the lawyer Ilya Zuev in order for him to defend me during the case on conditional early release. There were several punishments in force regarding me, but the court released me.

During the police interrogation the lawyer explained to me how I should behave. The next day the court did not arrest me, and I was released.