For us, it is important to know the individual characteristics of each client, paying attention to the details of business. This allows us to give the client crucial and timely advice.

The lawyer Ilya Zuev represented my interests during the criminal proceeding as an injured party. I managed to receive the full compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.

Upon the recommendations of other court prisoners I addressed the lawyer Ilya Zuev in order for him to defend me during the case on conditional early release. There were several punishments in force regarding me, but the court released me.

During the police interrogation the lawyer explained to me how I should behave. The next day the court did not arrest me, and I was released.

The main thing is that I trusted my defense lawyer and we had to suffer a lot together. The trust is important despite the issues of the case.

I was satisfied with the work of my lawyer who helped me during the division of marital property with my ex-husband.

I think that the strong suit of the lawyer the ability to decrease risks and to explain why I should conduct certain actions.

While discussing my case, the defense lawyer explained which defense tactics was going to be the most effective, and I agreed. I do not regret my choice.

The lawyer Ilya Zuev defended me during the criminal proceeding. The prosecutor’s office banned me from calling my close relatives, so I could contact my family only via the lawyer. I am very grateful to him.