Objectives and principles

The objective of our office is the provision of prompt legal services of high quality while employing every possible innovation and technique in our practice for the purpose of ensuring the most effective legal protection for the client.
We believe that the relationship between the advocate and the client is based on increased mutual trust – without this, productive cooperation would be unattainable. Our key principles pertaining to client service are as follows:

We offer proficient legal services.

In order to ensure quality of service, we are constantly attending and conducting legal seminars and conferences, in the course of which we accumulate experience. Additionally, we believe that, in today’s environment, the work of a law office must be performed in close collaboration with others who specialize in a particular field, such as technical experts and patent agents.

We strive to know everything about the client’s business.

Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that the client is often unaware of all the possible risks associated with business, and, in order to prevent adverse situations, we need to know all the details about the business of the client.

We keep our finger on the pulse.

This means constant notification of the office’s clients and partners about legislative amendments, analysis of judicial practice, and forwarding of essential information to the client. There is certainly no doubting the fact that the client should keep abreast of the latest changes in the law and practice, so as to protect their business and their rights in a timely manner.

We approach each case individually.

We believe that each client is unique, hence we find a special approach for each client.

We remain humane.

A human must always remain humane, inclusive of a work fraught with disputes and litigation. Positive relationships with colleagues and partners, respect for opponents – these are the most important manifestations of ethical conduct; however, despite this, the concerns and interests of the client are always of paramount importance to us.